Hic et nunc

December 2018. English.

There is something
always haunting
when you come back
to places you used to roam

A feeling of knowing
without quite understanding
how things are different
from your memories

Nostalgia is a perverse siren
playing with a time
which no longer exists

Making you believe
it was all so much better
back then

But was it really ?

At which points do you
remember a place
better than it actually was ?

Why do we tend
to escape the reality
of the present?

What makes it so
that we hold on to
distorted memories ?

The hardest part isn’t
to acknowledge
the representation
of this very moment

Unrealistic expectation?

The hardest part is
to face the reality
of this point in time

Embrace it to its fullest
without finding refuge
back and forth endlessly

Avoiding once again
the inevitable truth
first birth then death
between those two

Only a series of
unique drops
vanishing as they touch
our here and now